Stronger quality

In a Mammutti Log House, even the smallest detail is of top quality starting from the construction material all the way to every subcontract that we have approved for Mammutti Log House deliveries.

Our cooperation partners are highly reputable in their own fields. It is possible to customize and accomplish many things according to the client's wishes during the design work and delivery of a Mammutti Log House. Whether your dream house is cozy or large, with our help your house will be of the highest quality.


Why the best type of timber is log and why the best kind of log is laminated log?

1. Safety, healthiness
A log house is safe, as logs breathe in the correct way keeping the indoor air healthy even for those who have allergies. A log house is also a good choice considering heat economy.

2. Log house is timeless
A log house lasts for hundreds of years – it is built to serve many generations. Therefore a Mammutti Log House is a safe investment that retains its value.

3. Countless opportunities
Some want protruding traditional corner joints on their log house's salient corners and others prefer even corners with impressive corner boards. Everything is possible in a Mammutti Log House. If one does not want the massive logs of the interior walls to show everywhere inside the house, logs can be covered with building boards, stone surfaces, tiles etc.

Mammutti Log Houses give room for individuality!

4. The laminated log is the king of all logs
Being a living material, logs can change and crack through the course of time, therefore it is wise to build from laminated logs that are a more refined version of log.

The Mammutti log is made of wood sheets that always have the heart of the wood on the external surface. This is why the log does not crack nor sag as other logs do. Hence a Mammutti Log House will be free of appearance faults, heat loss and structural flaws, unlike other log houses. The laminated log is the king of all logs.